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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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G. Langley

G. Wulfert-Markert

I cannot recommend IPA stronger or more enthusiastically, specifically Brad who has simply worked magic after a full year of a painfully slow and difficult recovery after injury. I have seen great physiotherapists in Germany, London and New York but did not progress further after 12 months and felt stuck. Brad’s approach is so holistic, comprehensive and unique - within one session he managed to fundamentally change my level of pain. The encouragement and hope from that initial assessment and treatment is priceless: I cannot put into words how much it meant to me. His exhaustive experience is palpable from the first time you meet him and he truly listens to patients with genuine interest and gets a lot of detail on all aspects of one’s lifestyle, habits and history. It showed me how holistic and integrated his approach is and it reflects his commitment to get patients the best, tailored treatment plan. I appreciate that a lot of the work can be continued at home. It is empowering to suddenly have tools at hand that help ease tension, open up certain areas and facilitate the healing process. Finally, Brad is one of the kindest, smartest, most compassionate and experienced professionals and humans I have met; and this is mirrored in his team. When you walk in, you immediately feel welcomed. Michelle is fabulous - and incredibly helpful in finding rare appointments! Overall: A practice that deserves 5 stars! If you are serious about getting better, want to get the best PT treatment and are willing to put in the work: this is the best place you can find in NY.

G. Wulfert-Markert

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