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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Gregory Reppucci

Gregory Reppucci

There are three aspects to my time at IPA Manhattan that have distinguished the IPA team from all other physical therapists I have visited. Their attention to detail, their full approach to treatment, and their trust in the patient has made my experience with IPA and Dean Hazama sincerely incomparable. Before coming to IPA Manhattan, I had been dealing with multiple years of discomfort that left me unable to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. With three surgeries on my hip and abdominal area over the course of five years and a handful of physical therapists (recommended by top hospitals in the NYC area) and alternate treatments, I had pretty much given up. My goal when coming to IPA was to mitigate my pain and to get through the day. With Dean's help, I have been able to surpass that. From the beginning, it was very clear this would not be a typical physical therapy experience. My second session with IPA was with Flora Cohen, as Dean was out of town. The preparation from Dean for the session, and Flora’s commitment to the plan he wrote up, made apparent the passion IPA has for their work, their patients, and the IPA team. Flora could have made the session her own and I would not have necessarily known. Instead, she regularly checked Dean's notes and cross-checked information with me to ensure she executed as her team-member asked. That attention to detail is the norm at IPA. It has never ceased over the 2+ years I have worked with Dean. Dean and IPA's approach to treatment encourages a full understanding of an issue and how the entire body is impacted. In previous treatments, therapists would focus on one particular area, assume that the source of discomfort came from that area, and would continue to address it until the discomfort would shift to compensate for the area being "worked on." The cycle would continue. With Dean, his full understanding of that cycle helped us develop a more encompassing approach to treatment. Dean has been able to mitigate and reverse years of bad habits, discomfort, and pain that therapists before were unable to understand and unwilling to address. IPA's approach is especially rewarding, as it has helped me buy into Dean's process and work. While it has taken time, the progress we have made is clear and the goals we have set, once inconceivable, has led me to accept they are achievable. Most important, I have come to especially appreciate Dean's trust in me as the patient. I started seeing Dean as a 23-year-old. I had had discomfort for 7 years, had seen a handful of doctors and moved through even more physical therapists. By the time I had gotten to Dean, I was questioning how physical my injury was. Before IPA, every time I explained my understanding of my injury, prior physical therapists would disregard my self-analysis and at times question my discomfort. This has never been the case with Dean. His trust in my self-diagnosis has helped us better understand and address my pain. Dean listens to everything I share throughout my appointments. If he disagrees with my self-assessment, he will not only explain why, but will also use my assessment to help identify an alternate explanation. These conversations and Dean's willingness to listen has helped us better identify and address underlying issues. Every few months I am more willing to attempt a physical activity that once was out of question. I've become more active since working with Dean, and most important to me, I've been able to sit a full day without discomfort. That would have been enough for me when starting with Dean, but now we continue to far surpass that.

Greg Reppucci

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