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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Nathalie Gimeno

Nathalie Gimeno

My whole life I've had issues related to clenching and grinding, however over the last 5+ years, I starting experiencing sharp stabbing jaw and facial pain. Night guards, dental work and botox injections in my scalp did not help with my cranial numbness, shooting pain nor fatigued muscles. I also had neck and shoulder stiffness which only temporarily improved with sports massages and a year of acupuncture did not producing any positive results. After years of consulting with various doctors and dentists, I finally met Dr. Michael Gelb who recommended IPA for physiotherapy. Despite having seen so many specialists, none had ever suggested physiotherapy as a treatment. At IPA, I liked how Flora Cohen took the time to look at my whole body while I told her my story. She looked at what I considered to be my problem areas (jaw, face, neck and shoulders) and also took the time look at my overall body analyzing how I stood, sat, walked as well as the range of motion I had all over my body. She explained her plan and then she started working on my tongue, jaw and cranial bones as well as my muscles trying to stretch and loosen them up to improve their flexibility. After seeing Flora a handful of times, I could feel a decrease pain and a slight improvement in range of motion. After a month or so, I no longer had sharp shooting pains in my face and had significantly improved my range of motion. I've been seeing Flora regularly now for 4 months and she has worked on most of my body - including my feet! I like how she scans my body every time I see her in order to gauge what is tight and misaligned and how she can improve it. Overall my body feels more relaxed and my posture has also improved. She's also taught me to be more self-aware to better detect my pain triggers. Flora is friendly and knowledgeable and I am convinced that her work has been the biggest factor in helping reduce my overall pain. I wish I had met her years ago! I appreciate that when I have an appointment, I am the only patient she treats. Everyone at IPA is very friendly and professional and making and rescheduling appointments couldn't be easier. I highly recommend Flora and the IPA Manhattan Team.

Nathalie Gimeno

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