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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Aditya Malhotra

Aditya Malhotra

I came to IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy after moving to New York City in 2016. I had worked with other FMT (Functional Manual Therapist) trained therapists in India and had found great help with my shoulder issues. I was very impressed after working with Dean not only about his skills and understanding as a therapist but also his out of the box thinking around treating my shoulder. Dean along with Pete were very helpful in getting me back on track with tennis and other physical activities. Dean also communicated with my trainers/acupuncturist to make sure they were on the same page with respect to my recovery and ability to start using my shoulder more. I continue to work with Dean for my shoulder and any other muscular issues that pop up and I am very satisfied with the results and my progress. As I write this I am returning from a 3 day golf trip after playing 54 Holes and couldn't have imagined doing this a year ago. Dean and the rest of the team at IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy are very knowledgeable, thorough and consistent. They are always ready to work with you to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals.

Aditya Malhotra

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