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Connie Kam

Connie Kam

After 18 months of foot pain severe enough to force me to stop all of my normal activities - running, hiking, pilates, yoga, golf, and even walking the dog - my brother, a PT in California, suggested I see Ryan Johnson at IPA Manhattan (he had recently taken a workshop with Ryan and came away extremely impressed). Before working with Ryan, I had tried all of the normal stretching/icing/rolling routines, had worn a night brace for 5 months, seen 3 podiatrists, 2 acupuncturists, several massage therapists, a physiatrist, an herbalist, and a PT twice a week for several months. I also had 2 sets of custom orthotics made. Nothing resolved the problem. Ryan worked with me for about 2 months doing very intense connective tissue and muscle work which finally cured me. The “functional manual therapy” approach he takes is not what one would normally expect from a conventionally trained PT, but I’m convinced it’s what made the difference. I am exceedingly grateful to Ryan and the entire wonderful and friendly staff at IPA. Ryan’s knowledge of the complex interplay of the body’s muscle, bone and connective tissue coupled with his genuine interest in the well-being of his patients made him a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Ryan and IPA without reservation.

Connie Kam

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