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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Carmen Marquez

Carmen Marquez

Nine months after injuring my knee and experiencing pain in my lower back, I wanted a solution to this problem. During that time, MRI results ordered by an orthopedist showed a minimal tear on the knee and some dislocated discs on the lumbar spine, and even after traditional physical therapy, I still experienced pain in the knee using staircases. More disappointing was that I was hesitant about returning to aerobics class as I had planned for the summer. In my first session with Dr Brad at the IPA Manhattan PT office, I saw how beneficial the more holistic approach of functional manual therapy helped me immediately. I learned that my problematic knee was being affected by the ankle and foot on the same side that had remained twisted or "in torsion" from a sprain years ago. So focusing on correcting the effects of this past injury, my posture, my form while exercising and even my breathing would all be part of my therapy. I soon learned that any knowledge or suggestions shared with me by Dr Brad would be more effective if I was trusting and committed enough to work towards my healing. Within a short period of time, I felt less pain and eventually none. This was replaced with greater confidence to exercise and even to participate in races that I had never planned-- simply because I've discovered how much I enjoy running. The IPA therapists deserve applause for their work. I learn much from watching their online presentations. Stephanie and Michelle at the front desk are always courteous and accommodating. And of course my therapist, Dr Brad is awesome, encouraging me every moment to progress physically and mentally. I ran "around the world" joyfully because of your help.

Carmen Marquez

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