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Liane Fisher

Liane Fisher

My new, improved foot

Five weeks after I broke my right ankle running on the treadmill in December (instigating a sprain to the same ankle suffered 8 years earlier), I commenced physical therapy at a yellow-book practice conveniently located in my downtown NYC office building. A disappointing twelve sessions later, my mobility remained restricted and my pain, largely unabated, had migrated from my outer ankle to the heel cord and top of my foot. I was worse off after therapy, it seemed.

Amidst lost hope for my poor ankle, it was fortuitous that I met IPA’s Brad Gilden through a mutual acquaintance. Even my first treatment with him yielded unexpectedly positive results with a 30% improvement all around. Five more sessions with Brad would alleviate all pain and enable me to regain complete mobility and strength at levels I have not experienced since my first injury 8 years ago.

While impressively reciting the name of my every ankle bone and joint, Brad applied manual techniques to my ankle with purpose and proven effect. His friendly disposition and the relaxing atmosphere at IPA’s midtown office made the experience truly pleasurable. During our sessions, Brad shared with me his passion for therapy and background in reaching his current position at IPA, which included voluntarily taking dozens of elective courses (in addition to his school training) in order to truly master functional manual physical therapy. His commitment to therapy – evidenced by his unfettered enthusiasm and honored by his own active, healthy lifestyle – is admirable.

I now have aspirations to run a half-marathon for the first time and know that my new, improved foot will get me to the finish line. Thanks, Brad.

Liane Fisher

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