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Courtney Howland

Courtney Howland

By the time I began seeing Brad Gilden at IPA Manhattan, three top ankle surgeons in the country had recommended three different serious surgeries for my ankle, with each having a different diagnosis. Each surgeon informed me that the other recommended surgeries would not help my ankle. To say the least, this left me in a quandary! I had already received a cortisone shot, a PRP injection, and had months of traditional physical therapy with physical therapists in Washington, DC. But the ankle remained unstable and painful and I often had difficulty walking even a block. This was very sad for me since I had always been a walker and a hiker. My situation was complicated because the ankle problem had arisen soon after I developed bilateral sacroiliac joint instability, a rotated sacrum, and lumbar back pain.

Unlike other therapy providers, IPA recognized the interplay of my pelvic problem with my ankle. Brad, with input from Gregg Johnson and Vicky Saliba Johnson, improved my pelvic situation and reduced my pain dramatically. One of the wonderful things about IPA Manhattan is how the therapists work together as a team. In addition, they figured out something no one else had noticed: that my fibula joint was not moving correctly in my ankle and causing much of my pain. Brad was able to get the joint moving on a regular basis and this has given me back pleasures of life, like strolling to restaurants for dinner, and being able to sit and enjoy dinner without bad back pain. I still hope to get back to hiking; we are currently working on further talus mobilization.

The IPA method is very different from other physical therapy and for that reason I travelled every week from Washington, DC to Manhattan for several months for treatment with Brad. Brad was wonderful; he never gave up on me, and consequently I kept improving! Indeed, he has found me an IPA therapist in DC with whom IPA Manhattan co-ordinates. I highly recommend Brad Gilden and IPA Manhattan.

Courtney Howland

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