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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Adi Loebl, MD

Adi Loebl, MD

It is with great pleasure and the utmost confidence that I write this testimonial.

The IPA Manhattan group is a rare find.

Over the past 25 years of studying anatomy and cell biology, followed by medicine, coupled with my own search for relief from long-standing back issues, there have been few exceptional practitioners; IPA Manhattan is by far one of them.

Their deep understanding of all layers of anatomy is impressive, but the integration of that knowledge, with an appreciation of form and function is outstanding.

Their ability to look and treat the body as a whole and connect the mobility of the toes, with the fascia of the abdomen and the movement of the vertebra has deep anatomical underpinnings, but verges on the magical!

Acknowledging the importance of how we sit, stand, sleep and play leads to critical ergonomic assessment in multiple domains. From sitting at work, to exercising, to play, IPA Manhattan has assessed and help me adjust the way I approach these activities, to not only prevent re-injury, but ultimately improve mechanics, increase strength and resume pleasure from activities I had been reluctant to engage in for years.

I am deeply grateful for their expertise.

Adi Loebl, MD

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