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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Tanzid Shams, MD

Tanzid Shams, MD

I had come to Dr. Brad Gilden after many months of frustrating nagging pain from exercise-induced compartment syndrome. From 2006 until 2011, I took part in more than 20 triathlons and endurance races of all distances including Ironman distance triathlon. After a late fall, Tough Mudder competition, for reasons unbeknowst to me, both of my calves were incredibly swollen and painful. After six months of PT and multiple surgical evaluations, I was still not able to run. My calves would cause me excruciating pain.

Brad's functional manual therapy methodology is what made the ultimate difference. Over the course of 20 sessions, Brad worked through the knots and intricacies of my leg fascia and musculature. By the end of three months of treatment with him, I was running 5 to 6 miles comfortably again.

The single most remarkable thing about IPA Manhattan services is that the level of individual attention provided to each client. Unlike other physical therapy and performance centers (which often give you the feel of a 15 min. hamster wheel), IPA Manhattan therapists provide the utmost level of individual attention to each client. I would recommend their services to all of my colleagues and friend.

I am back to doing triathlons now. I recently completed the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco. When I look back, IPA Manhattan and Dr. Brad Gilden's services were the difference-maker. Absolutely the best physical therapy and sports performance services in America!

Tanzid Shams, MD - Pediatric Sports Neurologist

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