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Scanlynn Daniel

Scanlynn Daniel

I have been a patient at IPA Manhattan for over three years.  When I first started working with Dr. Hazama, I had been through extensive medical testing, a surgery and several highly recommended physical therapists only to find that none of my pain or the resulting restrictions on my physical activity and quality of life had been alleviated.   I was on the verge of giving up hope that I would ever return to a life without significant chronic pain and being capable of normal physical activity.   I was extremely fortunate that I was referred to the IPA Manhattan practice.

The IPA therapists do an amazing and in my case life-changing job of treating the body as a whole, both at rest and in motion.  They are skilled in looking at each patient individually and customizing treatment for each patient's specific and often combined set of physical issues.   They have treated everything from my chronic back pain to troublesome finger joints to severe and previously misdiagnosed abdominal issues.  And they quickly and adeptly do the rare thing of understanding how multiple conditions are related and how they can be effectively treated in combination to help a patient's overall well being.

Not only has the IPA Manhattan team restored my hope in my own ability to live a comfortable life in my body, they have motivated me to work at maintaining a program of physical activity that supports my ongoing well being.  This would not have been possible without the unparalled skill and expertise as well as genuine caring and compassion that is part of every therapy session.  Everyone in the office is truly exceptional and the patient experience is second to none.

Scanlynn Daniel

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