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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross

Dr. YJ Cho, has given me what other providers could not: an enormous reduction in pain and immobility, and return to function and real pleasure. That's the stuff that makes life worthwhile! My left Achilles tendon ruptured 30 years ago, was misdiagnosed as a sprained ankle and left unrepaired. As an athletic person, I compensated in numerous ways that torqued my body from my feet up through the bones in my skull. Over the years, I sought help for foot, leg, hip and back pain; seeing numerous orthopedic surgeons, massage therapists, osteopaths, a personal trainer, acupuncturists and chiropractors prior to finding an answer at IPA Manhattan. In my view, most of the practitioners, (1) started without a clear and distinct diagnosis, resulting in them fitting me into their services rather than offering treatments tailored-made to my needs. (2) They were uninterested in my input. In contrast, my IPA Manhattan therapist, Dr. YJ Cho, collaborated with me from the start and, in doing so, established a really healing rapport. His significant knowledge and multiple skillsets helped us arrive at what felt like accurate diagnoses and a good treatment plan. The two years at IPA Manhattan have reduced my pain and restored much of my mobility and energy. I couldn't be happier! A vital part of the IPA Manhattan team is Stephanie Narewski, the Office Manager and Michelle Bukator, the Medical Receptionist. They are warm and engaging, professional and extremely client oriented. They run a smooth operation and are helpful on every level.

Elizabeth Ross

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