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Our Advocates and their Success Stories

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Paige Royer

Paige Royer

I have been going to IPA Manhattan for several years now primarily for neck, back pain and for treatment for fractures in my hands and wrist. I am no stranger to physical therapy, as I’ve had a tendency to fall of horses and/or snowboards and break wrists and batter my neck. Before IPA Manhattan, I went to non-manual physical therapists who wasted lots of my time and who weren’t very engaging. The typical routine: you spend 15 minutes with an actual therapist, and then you are sent around a gym for the next 45 minutes with some minion (or moron!) showing you exercise routines. When I walked into IPA Manhattan, it was night and day. Suddenly, I found therapists who had their hands on me for NEARLY AN ENTIRE HOUR! No aches and pains can hide from their probing, curious fingers. Their expertise is quickly apparent, and they persist until they’ve figured out the source of your problem. I always walk out of IPA Manhattan feeling renewed and almost not so old and arthritic! Most recently, I’ve worked with YJ Cho who has a knack for soothing my very tight neck. I also work with Dean Hazama, who always figures out what’s causing my problem in any particular area. Recently, I had persistent pain in both groins, and Dean helped me find a very competent surgeon figured out I had hernias and then fixed them. I’ve also gotten referrals from Dean for a most excellent osteopath who treated my neck with PRP and stem cells. He takes the time to coordinate with other doctors and to make sure that they are helping you. I never feel like IPA Manhattan is just trying to take your money. They do all that they can to help you heal yourself. After my hernia surgery for my groins, I became frustrated that I couldn’t jump back on my bike as before. Dean told me it was a matter of strengthening these areas and referred me to a highly competent Pilates instructor. While I am otherwise healthy, I have an unending parade of musculo-skeletal issues. I’ve consulted an army of rolfers (great!), chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists over the years. Hands down, the therapists at IPA Manhattan have helped me reduce pain more than anyone I’ve ever consulted before.

Paige Royer

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