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WorkPlace Health

WorkPlace Health: CoreFirst™ Strategies for Posture and Movement to reduce stress, enhance function, and promote efficiency in your work place.

How many hours do you spend at work? Whether you sit, stand, or are actively moving, how you use your body can have long term health effects. Research clearly demonstrates a direct correlation between the work place environment and prevalent pathologies such as back and neck injuries, repetitive syndrome injuries, and a chronic state of deconditioning.

Our WorkPlace Health program is designed to identify simple modifications in your work environment, as well as simple postural, movement and exercise strategies, that will enhance your performance and health while at work. Our advanced Physical Therapists can accommodate both small and large groups at your office and will customize the program to meet the specific needs of each individual or group.


“We work with our patients to find their neutral, efficient position.” - Dr. Brad Gilden

Healthy bodies support productive workers!

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Quick Tips: Movement is Healthy!


Workplace Tips: How to keep moving when working in a sedentary environment
Here’s an instructional session with IPA Co-Founder, Vicky Johnson, who gives you quick tips for fun ways you can move your body when working in jobs that require you to sit for long periods.

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