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Everyday Body Mechanic Assessment

Bodies That Work for Life: CoreFirst™ Strategies for
Optimal Everyday Posture and Movement

Considering the average individuals hectic schedule and the daily demands this places on our bodies, it is vital to your health and function that you are aware of your daily posture and movement patterns. Our daily habits often have the greatest impact on our personal efficiency and how we feel. Sitting at a poorly designed work station, sleeping unsupported, lifting your child improperly, walking inappropriately, or even such mundane tasks as bending down to pickup your shoes can lead to injury or a breakdown in your body’s musculo-skeletal system. These repetitive, daily movements or static positions create micro-traumas to our muscles, joints and nerves, and weaken our bodies. Even worse, we suddenly become more active in an attempt to feel better. This increased physical activity such as going to the gym, beginning to run, or perhaps playing a sport with a body that has been weakened increases your susceptible to injury.

Our Everyday Body Mechanic program utilizes our comprehensive, Functional Manual Therapy™ total body evaluation and treatment system to identify and correct existing dysfunctions and our CoreFirst™ strategies to retrain your everyday posture and movements. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge of how to care for your body to make it last and prevent injury. Following our treatment, the majority of our patients report an enhanced life with more freedom of movement, and higher performance in their recreational and competitive activites.


FMT as a Preventative Strategy: “We have the technology, skills and tools to identify those components of their musculoskeletal system that are heading in the wrong direction”

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Quick Tips on Proper Sleeping Positions


Everyday Body Mechanics with Dr. Ryan Johnson: Get a restful and healing night sleep!
Here’s an instructional session with IPA Manhattan Physical Therapist, Dr. Ryan Johnson, explaining how having the right sleeping position can make all the difference in getting a restful and healing night sleep.

Wellness Workshops

On an ongoing basis our clinic turns itself into an instant workshop. We offer 30-minute lectures followed by 30 minutes of hands-on alignment evaluations and focused one-on-one instruction. Workshops are led by our advanced physical therapists.

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