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Pricing Policies

How does the IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy cost of treatment compare to other physical therapy practices?

We believe in treating one patient per hour

It has been our experience that 60-minute treatment sessions significantly reduce a patient’s overall recovery time.

First, it’s important to understand how physical therapy treatment sessions are impacted by out-of-network insurance benefits

We are out-of-network providers of physical therapy. Reimbursement is dependent on your insurance plan’s out-of-network coverage. This is based on your out of network deductible, coinsurance and out of pocket maximum. Our staff would be happy to help look into your benefits and go over a detailed explanation with you.

“As a courtesy for our patients, we can verify your out of network benefits and electronically submit insurance pre-certification and claims on your behalf to your insurance provider. Once your out of network deductible has been reached, your insurance company will reimburse you directly depending on your out of network benefits.”

Time & Cost Comparison between in and out-of-network reimbursement

In-network insurance companies will not reimburse Physical Therapy services for 1 full hour of specialized one-on-one care. The typical in-network Physical Therapist treatment time is reduced to an average of only 15 minutes per session. A typical insurance co-pay is $30. If you extrapolate 15 minutes into 1 full hour of care, your out-of-pocket expense for in-network co-pays would total $120, plus the cost of your time for traveling to your 4 appointments.

Example is based on 70% out of network reimbursement.

Pricing Policies

Direct Access

In most states including New York, Physical Therapy has direct access. This means that a patient can come in for treatment without a doctor’s referral. Not all insurance plans require a medical doctor’s prescription, but some do. For more details pertaining to Direct Access, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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