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Why Chose IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy?

Our patients choose to come to us because of:

  • Our Belief That All Individuals Have Existing Potential
  • Our Ability to Impart Change
  • Our Results
  • Our Reputation
  • Our Experience and Advanced Training

Our patients leave our clinic with a sense of relief and confidence knowing they are on the right road to recovery.

Our Belief That All Individuals Have Existing Potential: Where others give up, we dig deeper. Where others look only at the pain, we look at the source. Where others see disability and dysfunction, we see potential for optimal function. Our Physical Therapists are driven by the IPA philosophy that all individuals have existing potential and are charged with unlocking that potential through an advanced manual therapy evaluation and treatment system which views the whole body as a dynamically, interconnected system.

Our Ability to Impart Change: Change and resolution of complex pain or physical limitations can be elusive. We look at the interconnectivity of the entire human system. We evaluate and treat the mechanical limitations of your soft tissues, joints, nerves, and viscera, while facilitating the efficient function of your neuromuscular system. But we don’t stop there. The true change comes when we teach you to own your body and live efficiently through individualized postural and movement training that meets you where you live.

Our Results: Our patients repeatedly experience results not previously achieved through other interventions. Our patients call it the “WOW” factor!! Utilizing a revolutionary and advanced evaluation and treatment system called Functional Manual Therapy™ (FMT); as our foundation; we provide unparalleled treatment results for complex patient issues. Most patients feel a difference after their first visit. Learn more about Our Unique Treatment System: FMT

Our Reputation: We are known worldwide as clinicians who think outside the box, integrating evidence with state of the art skills of clinical reasoning and treatment protocols which promote optimal function. Our Physical Therapists strive to discover the true source of your pain or limitations and facilitate the change you are looking for.

Our Experience and Advanced Training: Our advanced Physical Therapists have extensive experience when treating complex and challenging patients. Each of our Physical Therapists has achieved or is in the process of achieving the distinction of becoming a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT), one of the most stringent, advanced certification processes within the physical therapy profession.

What are your expectations and desires for Physical Therapy?

Treatment Approach

What are patients looking for?
  • Consistency of care and a comprehensive approach that will look at my whole body and not just the area in pain or dysfunction
  • Resolution of the true source of my pain or dysfunction, not just treatment of my symptoms which can mask the real issue leading to future pain and injury
  • Enough time with my physical therapist to make a difference each visit and tailor my treatment to meet my goals
  • Knowledge of how to keep my body working efficiently so it will last and allow me to do the things I want to do and live the life I want to live!
How we meet these goals

We follow a total body approach called Functional Manual Therapy™ (FMT), which thoroughly evaluates and treats your body's:

  • mobility – movement of joints and soft tissues (muscle, fascia, nerves, viscera)
  • neuromuscular function – making sure you are contracting the right muscles for the task at hand in the most efficient manner
  • Motor Control or daily strategies for posture and movement, taking into consideration environmental and behavioral patterns that may be contributing to your dysfunction. Learn more about Our Unique Treatment System: FMT

One hour treatments with your Physical Therapist, allow us enough time to:

  • individualize treatment
  • focus on discovering and correcting the true source of your pain or dysfunction
  • empower you with the knowledge of how to care for your body and prevent future injury


What are patients looking for?

A physical therapist that is:

  • experienced and knows the best methods to address my pain or dysfunction
  • dedicated to the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skill and will effectively use that knowledge for my well-being
How we meet these goals

Our physical therapists are Certified Functional Manual Therapists (CFMT) or in the process of achieving this distinction

  • requires years of mentorship, mastering over 300 hours of post professional course work and completing a rigorous week-long examination
  • demonstrates an ongoing commitment to learning, excellence and drive to give the best care for our patients. Learn more about The Certification Process


What are patients looking for?

Confidence I am on the right road to recovery and will feel results the fastest and safest way possible

How we meet these goals

Our holistic evaluation and treatment approach delivered by advanced practitioners of Physical Therapy enables us to quickly identify the true source of your pain or dysfunction and determine the most effective strategy for you to reach your goals. Most patients feel results after the first visit.

At IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy, we believe that everyone has the right to pursue a life free of pain and physical limitations. We invite you to visit us to see and feel how we are different. Results speak louder than words, and TOGETHER, we will discover your optimal function.

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