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Patrick Cronin


Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

From a young age, Patrick was always fascinated by what made athletes move efficiently and how they were able to perform such tremendous physical feats. In hopes of getting a better understanding of movement he decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. Patrick received his B.S. in Athletic Training at Sacred Heart University in 2015. During his time at Sacred Heart, he worked with both collegiate and high school sports as part of his clinical affiliations. Patrick then went on to Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus, where he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018. During his doctoral training Patrick worked in a variety of clinical sites where he would deal with numerous populations including highly involved neurologic conditions, patients dealing with chronic pain, as well as orthopedic patients. Patrick’s first job out of school was in an outpatient facility called Spagnoli Physical Therapy in Long Island, NY. There he received weekly mentorship, while simultaneously taking numerous continuing education courses through the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). While working at Spagnoli Physical Therapy he saw a variety of orthopedic conditions while treating patients of all ages (anywhere from 6-95 years old). In order to continue refining his skills, Patrick decided to leave NY and head to California to participate in one of the nation’s oldest residencies, the Kaiser Vallejo Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Residency. For 6 months, he was immersed in learning and applying PNF, a paradigm initially developed to treat neurologic patients. There he received daily mentorship from an entire team of physical therapists who have been practicing well over 20 years. Patrick saw the potential this paradigm had in not only the neurologic population, but in anyone who has an interest in learning how to move more efficiently. In 2022, Patrick sat for his certification in functional manual therapy (CFMT) where he passed with honors. Patrick plans on continuing his education by studying coursework through the Barral Institute and Postural Restoration Institute. Outside of physical therapy, you can find Patrick participating in recreational sports such as basketball and football, hiking, gymnastics, yoga, cooking and praying the Giants get a winning season.


Graduated from Long Island University

Completed his CFMT with honors in 2022

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