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Diane Richmond


Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

Where were you born and what has been your living story as it relates to Physical Therapy?
I was born in Palo Alto, CA and spent my time between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. Growing up, I had a very active lifestyle - I was on the Squaw Valley Ski Team, on my high school gymnastics team, and on a dance team in college. As a result, I am not a stranger to injury, physical therapy, and recovery. In addition, I've always had an interest in the human body and helping people achieve optimal health. I began my career in Biomedical Engineering, driven by my love for anatomy and physiology and desire to contribute to the healthcare system. I continued to expand my knowledge of healthcare while working as an EMT. During this time, I also continued dancing and started aerial circus arts. And, unfortunately, still suffered the occasional injury. I chose physical therapy because of the role it can play in everyone's life - staying active, healthy, and recovering from injury. I wanted to further my ability to individualize care and to help people not just "get better", but to feel their best. I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from NYU, and spent my last clinical rotation at IPA Manhattan. I was not only inspired by the therapists as they changed their patients' lives, but when I was injured as a student, I was also impacted by my time as a patient. The therapists at IPA helped me get back to what I love and changed my relationship with chronic pain as well. It was as a patient that I knew I wanted to advance my career as a Functional Manual Therapist. As I've continued into my fellowship here at IPA Manhattan, I not only have expertise specific to dancers and performers, but I've continued to enhance my skills targeting TMD and headaches. Due to my own personal journey with TMD and chronic daily headaches, I've developed relationships with dentists, orthodontists and gained first-hand knowledge of the recovery process.

What is your favorite thing about practicing Physical Therapy?
The people I meet are definitely the best part of practicing Physical Therapy. Each new patient impresses me with their creativity and uniqueness. I've found it's important to know a person's story, in addition to their injury, in order to tailor treatment to best serve them. It is an absolute pleasure to help guide my patients to better health and a pain-free life. I know it can be overwhelming to negotiate our healthcare system. So, I constantly strive to empower people to take control of their health.


Graduated NYU with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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