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IPA Manhattan:
A Revolutionary Concept in Physical Therapy

IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy was founded with the principal objective to achieve the highest level of function and optimal potential possible for every person who walks through our door, regardless of symptom complexity or personal circumstance.

IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy was conceived in conjunction with the founders of the Institute of Physical Art (IPA), who pioneered a revolutionary total body evaluation and treatment system called Functional Manual Therapy™ (FMT) and developed one of the most rigorous manual therapy certifications within the physical therapy profession.

Utilizing FMT as our foundation, we provide unparalleled intervention for pain and promotion of optimal function.  Our advanced training and professional collaboration with the leaders in the medical and physical therapy fields provides a catalyst to achieve better results for complex patient issues. Our treatment system achieves results where other approaches or treatments have failed.

The fundamental premise of FMT is to examine the true source of one’s limitations or pain from an optimal function perspective.  Knowing that the location of the pain is not always the source of the pain drives us to examine your body from a total integrated perspective. Our Physical Therapists use their advanced manual therapy training, clinical reasoning skills, and understanding of the human body’s interdependent systems and regions to restore optimal mobility and control.

“As Physical Therapists, we are students of motion, sculptors of structure, and facilitators of function. Anyone can be a technician, but it takes a highly educated and skilled therapist to think outside the box and “create” solutions where none existed before. A Functional Manual Therapist’s goal is to discover each individual’s most efficient “art form” and achieve his or her existing potential.”
  • Gregg & Vicky Johnson
    Co-founders of IPA

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What’s the meaning behind the name IPA?

In 1978, Gregg and Vicky Johnson co-founded the Institute of Physical Art (IPA), a post-professional, educational organization and began a career long, professional collaboration focused on the development and teaching of Functional Manual Therapy™ (FMT). This integrated system of patient care utilizes advanced clinical reasoning and skills to reveal solutions for complex patients, considering more than just rehabilitation or pain reduction. Advance practitioners of FMT are dedicated to changing the lives of their patients by identifying and facilitating each patient’s existing physical potential. Since 1978, the IPA has provided advanced training to over 40,000 Physical Therapists worldwide and developed an internationally recognized faculty of over 35 expert clinicians. In 1998, Gregg and Vicky developed one of the most rigorous post graduate certifications within the Physical Therapy profession, the Functional Manual Therapy Certification (CFMT).  Since 1998, of the 200,000+ licensed Physical Therapists in the United States, less than 1% has received the distinction of becoming a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT).  Each of our Physical Therapists at IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy has achieved or is in the process of achieving the distinction of becoming a CFMT, representing some of the top clinicians in the field of Physical Therapy.

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