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Flora Cohen


Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

Physical Therapist - IPA Manhattan

What was your inspiration to join the Physical Therapy profession?
From a very early time I was able to appreciate how much Physical Therapy can benefit people in so many ways. Volunteering in physical therapy clinics before entering the profession opened my eyes to the many services we can provide individuals. Whether someone walks into the clinic with a neurological diagnoses, orthopedic diagnoses, or is just interested in overall preventative care and wellness, physical therapists are equipped with tools to rehabilitate every individual in some way.

Where you were born? what has been your living story as it relates to Physical Therapy?
I was born and raised in New York City and continue to admire how you can encounter someone from anywhere in the world on a street corner. I attended college in Riverdale at the College of Mount Saint Vincent where I received my Bachelors in Biology in 1998. Soon after this, I volunteered at various hospitals in the NY city area only later to pursue a dual bachelors and Masters in Physical Therapy at SUNY Stonybrook in 2002. I became aware of how important it was for me to advance in my profession that led me to pursue a clinical doctoral degree 3 years later. In 2002 I became a staff physical therapist at Beth Israel Medical Center- PACC treating various orthopedic diagnoses. It is at this point where my desire to learn more about the IPA grew and I immediately felt drawn to their approach believing I was giving quality care that patients deserved. I carried all that I learned to New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell in 2004 where I spent time working with individuals with various diagnoses with a concentration in orthopedics as well as pelvic and pregnancy related disorders. I am fortunate to work with a talented and brilliant group of physical therapists who inspire me to continue providing the best care possible.

What is your favorite thing about practicing physical therapy?
Many of us live very busy lifestyles balancing our work, family and even fitness obligations. We often fail to realize the wear and tear living our daily lives takes on our bodies. There is nothing more satisfying than to empower an individual with understanding how changing something as simple as the way they bend down to lift a toddler to running with proper form can prevent injury or deter its onset. Being able to be intervene in ones care at a preventative level but also providing rehabilitation for optimal function is equally as gratifying.


Received Clinical Doctoral Degree

Graduated Stonybrook University with a dual Bachelors and Masters in Physical Therapy

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